Frequently Asked Questions chart on this page.

How fast does it go?

The motor will go up to 30 Km/hr, but more important is the air tires, suspension and steering that enable you to choose the shortest path and not slow down for any small bump.

How long will the battery last ?

the standard battery is 48V 8Ahr. it can go for 16Km.

however, if you need a longer range, it is possible to DIY fit it with a larger E bike battery or Li-Po batteries.

i would be happy to guide you online through the process.

Is it Safe?

I think safety means how close you get to your personal limits.

there is no need to be daring, the TLT Board provides enough fun while staying safe.

you should discover its and yours abilities slowly and safely in a controlled area before going with it to dense places.

How do I buy One?

Please Email me and at

How does the batteries and charger works?

The battery is a standard Ebike battery, 48V 8Ahr , and it has a standard wall charger and a universal adapter  – so you can use it no matter where you are in the world.

this is how to set up your new Imax open&pro charger for use in the first time: