Hi! My name is  Eyal aloni, 39 years old, mechanical eng. married+2. I’m Israeli, we live in a village in the northern-central part of Israel.

Basically – i was a Lego kid, Later on i got into bicycles and as i grew up – motorcycles, beetle-buggies, and old cars. I gave up Lego for welding around my 20’ies and kept building stuff all the time – furniture, or house renovations but mainly it was automotive projects.

Another side of my story is my army service that gave me a second perspective to machines – from the user point of view.  travelling in New Zealand – i was inspired by John Britten work – the V1000  motorcycle – which he built on his own and that was totally different than anything else.

When I came back, I started learning engineering at the Technion institution in Haifa, specializing in energy field. The need for something like the TLTboard arose when i drove a car from and to the university, and had to park it and walk for 15 precious morning minuets.

I started to work at that time for two of the largest weapon companies in Israel – Rafael and Israeli Aerospace Industry There, i witnessed the huge waste in work at big companies:  time waste goes exponentially large due to documentation and procedures.  I knew i was meant to be faster

I worked there for 4-5 years to have sufficient funds for the project and I’m working on this project solo over the past 5 years, but every day i know it is well worth it, the TLT board is a pure fun.